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te reo

we have been learning about the Mauri language


we have been learning about measurement


        Why is Wai Important

Water is used for lots of things. But there are also some things that are very important that we need water for. If water had ever disappeared we would all die dun dun dunnnnn!!

Water is important because we need it to wash our cloths to wash our cars, all things like this are reasons why water is important. Especially when we drink water. We are lucky we have water so don't waste it.

We need water to keep animals living to keep us living to keep everything living. Like cows, deer, trees, ferns, and plants. Sea animals need water to live in they need water the most but we do  is well so we are all equal. Because we water to drink and they need water to live in.

Water is also important for growing crops that we need for food. Water helps us to bake yummy treats and things for lunch.
So we are lucky we have water.

Now you should always look after water because we are lucky that we have clean water.Other countries don’t have clean water like New zealand.Always look after water always and don't waste it.